Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Such a Lovely Place...

Is it possible that The Beverly Hills Hotel is the place the Eagles speak of in their iconic hit "Hotel California"? The answer is unclear to me, but what IS certain is I don't know that I will ever be able to stay at another hotel in the Los Angeles area again! I had such an amazing time and was more relaxed than I had ever been, I WISH they told me I could never leave. 

Even from Sunset Boulevard you can see the pink and green beauty beckoning in the distance. Did I mention the hotel is pink AND green? No wonder it's so amazing. 

Pulling up to the pink and green awning at the hotel you are greeted by the lovliest and most attentive valets. 

I may or may not be have the biggest crush on one of them. We can get married in the Rodeo room of the hotel and live happily ever after...

Wait, where am? What happened? 

Le sigh. 

Another photo of the entrance to the hotel in all it's holiday glory. 

Why hello cute valet, how are you this evening? I'll be dining at Dan Tana's tonight, what time do you get off your shift? 

We were originally supposed to stay in this part of the hotel in a balcony room. But then the  owner of the hotel aka the Sultan of Brunei aka the richest man in the world showed up. With his 23 wives, 47,000 security guards, and countless merry band of lord knows who. They apparently needed the entire main building of the hotel to house them all. So they moved us. 
Not to this bungalow.
Or this one either.

But to this one. With the awesome fireplace,

an amazingly deluxe mini bar, AND a heated toilet seat! You will never know how much you want a heated toilet seat until your behind has been on one. 

Too much?

Our bungalow even had this cute little private courtyard where we sat and read the paper every morning. Well the mother read the paper. I was still sleeping.

Hi mom!

We did not eat in the famed Polo Lounge at the hotel, which I personally feel is more about the atmosphere and the scene than the food, and instead ate lunch at the Fountain Coffee Shop located on the hotel's lower level. 

It's where the REAL people in Hollywood go to lunch. We stop on every visit to LA, even when we don't stay at the BHH. On our last visit we sat next to Rob Reiner! It took all the strength in my being for me to not quote "When Harry Met Sally" all through lunch.

This counter in the photo is the only seating in the shop and the chicken salad is just to die for! I also may be replicating the turkey burger on the blog here soon, so be sure to stay tuned. Southern Vogue you may want to take note: they do not serve free diet coke refills here. 

Having been to Southern California at Christmastime in the past, I was nervous about the weather. Last time we were out there it was COLD! And of course I only packed sundresses. But this trip we were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather. I was able to take an afternoon swim everyday of our stay.

If only I didn't have to go up to my ski house for the New Year...and you know, had an unlimited bank account...I don't think I would have ever come home. 

Maybe when the cute valet and I get married we can move in at a discounted price? You could all come visit!

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  1. It's safe to say that I couldn't be any more jealous than I am of your fabulous trip!! I'm thinking I need an invite next time? Pink & green HEAVEN!! xoxo (I want to go so badly, even if they don't offer free refills!)