Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Lights on My Tree, I Wish You Could See

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is ready for the holidays! I'm spending the day packing up to make the 30 minute drive to my parent's house for Christmas. I gotta tell ya, I love having my parents live close by, but there is something SO annoying about having to pack so much stuff to make such a short trip. That, combined with the traffic, they might as well live across the country rather than just across the river. But I digress...

Before I head out, I'd love to share a few photos of my tiny NYC apartment decked out for the holidays!

Stockings (okay, just one stocking) hung by the chimney with care. I have been using the same pink and green decorations from when I lived with my roommate that I spoke about in my holiday brunch post. I find it's much easier to stick with a theme when decorating for the holidays. 

PS. I made that magazine rack next to the fireplace in middle school shop class. With talents like that it's amazing I'm still single. 

My Charlie Brown tree, complete with a NY Junior League ornament, a flamingo ornament, and a couple ornaments made by a very talented co-worker.

And yes, that IS Brad Pitt looking over my Christmas tree. I have no doubt he will watch over my apartment while I'm out of town. He's such a peach, isn't he?

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays. Lighting menorahs, carving a ham with family, napping under the Christmas lights, popping Champagne for the new year. And if things get too stressful, remember that's what alcohol is for. Ha. 

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